Zip-line Adventure Park – CLOSED

The Zip-line Adventure Park will remain closed for the 2020 season. We hope to see you in 2021!

Adventure Level

Challenge your skills by climbing 25 feet up the Entry Net. First up, the Swing Planks – leaps and bounds across the planks! Then you will balance your way across the Tarzan Walk before you tight-rope walk across the Burma Bridge. Don’t look down! Next, enter into the Spider’s Web. Careful, it can be sticky! Ever want to be like Indiana Jones? Here’s your chance, crossing the Rickety Bridge. Finally, the Silver Surfer takes you surfing through the trees before you fly 200 feet across the zip-line. What a thrill! Then do it all over again!

Minimum of 10 years old and 70 pounds. Maximum 250 pounds.


Liability Form

Adventure Level$35.00$45.00

Explorer Level

After climbing up the Entry Net, you will balance your way across the narrow Plank Bridge. Next, squeeze your way through the Taco Net. Don’t get wrapped up! On you go, traversing over Big Foot’s footprints before you fly across the 90 foot zip-line. Then do it all over again!

Minimum of 4 years old and 40 pounds. Maximum 250 pounds. Children less than 48 inches tall must be accompanied by an adult.


Liability Form

Explorer Level$20.00$25.00

PLEASE NOTE this is NOT a canopy tour. Individuals are required to navigate seven challenge elements before zipping 200 feet on the Adventure Level or four challenge elements before zipping 90 feet on the Explorer Level.

Adventure Park Information

Here are a few things that you should know about the Ohiopyle Zip-line Adventure Park.

  • Price are for 1-hour block of time. You may go through as many times as you can in 1-hour.
  • This is NOT just for kids! Adults enjoy the Adventure Park too!
  • The Adventure Park is designed to provide a physical and mental challenge to an active participant.
  • Participants with any health conditions should consult their doctor before participating.
  • Paricipants are required to wear a shirt, long shorts that will fit below the harness, and closed-toe shoes that have a heel strap. If you have long hair, please make sure it is pulled back.