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How to Zip-line at Ohiopyle Zip-line Adventure Park

28 May

What is the Ohiopyle Zip-line Adventure Park? We are often asked, “How does your zip-line adventure park work?” Or we get the question, “What exactly is a zip-line adventure park?” Well, rest easy because here are all the answers! By adding the term “Adventure Park” to zip-line it should notify you that it’s NOT just […]

Explore Ohiopyle Zip-line Adventure Park and Ohiopyle Mining Company!

27 Mar

There are so many great outdoor activities in Ohiopyle besides whitewater rafting! In fact, over 2.5 million people visit the Ohiopyle State Park every year and only about 80,000 of them get on the river. So, what are all those other people doing? Let’s take a look atthe two newest activities Ohiopyle has to offer. […]